Happy fifth monthsary, Capyungie! I’m sort of not in my writing mood but I guess this doodle would cover that up, heha. Let’s be more stronger together, because relationship takes two people who really, really love each other and won’t give up on each other no matter what. Pepero loves you so muchie much! o u o ♡


Pepero those doodles are so cute?!?! I wouldn’t mind how you wanna do it, doodle or writing or whatever. I appreciate each every of them and I still keep the last months letters. Either way, happy fifth monthsarry for us, Pepero. Five months of love, happiness, struggling in order to keep the relationship going. It’s been 152 days; including today, of me falling in love to you. It’s been 152 days of you staying by my side, till today. No matter how hard things were for me back in the days, you keep convinced me that everything’ll be fine. And we’ve made it till today. Let’s keep this going for another five months, five years and why not, forever. I love you, Pepero. So much.